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China Start A 5-day China immersion program for Start-ups and Growth companies to learn, network and pitch 11-15 September CKGSB (Europe) Your Company Name Presentation page

Where do start-ups choose to grow their business? Advantages Disadvantages Language Overly competitive Culture No technology advantages Regulation Have to work harder Business System Costly Network Sophisticated consumers Your Company Name Presentation page

The Economist: China overtakes US in 2024 Your Company Name Presentation page

About 50% of the world economic growth is from China Your Company Name Presentation page

A Few Things About China’s Start-up Scene • 25% of the start-ups in Unicorn class are Chinese • Alibaba is the biggest ever listing on the NYSE. Jack Ma says he owes his success to his time at CKGSB • Non-Chinese companies that make it in China average 40% of their global revenue in China after only 24 months • Roughly 2000 exit in 2016 (mostly M&A) • 3600 new funds added in 2016 making it the total 15,000 funds • China has 2141 incubators in 2016, 5000 (estimated) by 2020 • $20billion fund raised in 2016. Government just announced $240billion support • China’s cost to set up a from- scratch business is 3.4% compared to the G20 average of 9.4% • “In just 12 months, Chinese markets have created enough value to give every person on Earth almost $900 USD.” – The Independent Your Company Name Presentation page

China Start Program Main Benefits Knowledge China entry strategies Chinese consumer insight Digital marketing in China Partners Networking Develop commercial partnerships in China Build and strengthen relations with other Western entrepreneurs £ Funding 1 to 1 contact with Chinese investors 20+ investors and angels Raise substantial funds at advantageous valuations Your Company Name Presentation page

China Start Program Highlights 1 Week 20-30 Investors 2 Accelerators 3 Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen 4 Pitches 5 Company Visits Your Company Name Presentation page

China Start Partners Your Company Name Presentation page

National Media Partner - Interviews with founders & CEOs will be taken place during the program - A special edition on China Start program will be aired nationwide to more than 1.3 billion viewers CCTV - National TV tower of China Your Company Name Presentation page

3 Jul, Monday 4 Jul, Tuesday 5 Jul, Wednesday 6 Jul, Thursday 7 Jul, Friday Beijing Campus Beijing Campus Shanghai Campus Shenzhen Campus Shenzhen Campus 8:30-9:00 8:30-9:00 8:30-10:15 9:00-10:30 Welcome and Reflection Session Valuation for Start-up Win in China: China Entry Orientation Companies in China Strategies & Business 9:00-10:30 Morning Sequoia Capital Models 9:00-10:30 China’s E-commerce and Company Visit Prof. JI Bo Reemergence of China Marketing Innovation in Fosun and Economic Outlook Digital Era Investment Pitch Prof. Li Wei Prof. Yang Li Farewell Lunch 11:00-12:30 11:00-13:00 Afternoon Visit to 3 Nord Smart Home Investment Pitch 10:30-13:00 Company Visit 14:00-16:00 Company Visit China Accelerator Workshop JD ‘Go to China’ Strategy Bo Ji Investment Pitch Presentation and Expert Panel Advice Session 14:00 -16:00 Company Visit Baidu 14:00-14:30 Incubator Visit Evening 13:30-15:30 16:00-17:00 Flight from Shanghai Visit to Tencent /DJI Feedback and Program 18:00-19:30 to Shenzhen Evaluation Welcome Dinner and 14:30-16:30 16:00-18:00 Guest Speakers Investment Pitch Investment Pitch on China Ready Awards Campus Pitch Preparation 19:00-21:00 18:00-19:00 End of program Flight from Beijing to Networking Dinner Shanghai Your Company Name Presentation page

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Case Study Guillaume De Roquefeuil EuroPass – Founder & CEO September 2016 China Start Participant ABOUT: B2C: Mobile ticketing platform in the first Chinese Social Network, WeChat: proposing users info, tickets and services payable in their own currency through mobile payment: transportation cards, museum pass, touristic attractions, tourist experiences etc ... B2B: Mobile payment solution to allow Chinese travelers to pay in CNY in Europe with their mobile and WeChat (1 million transactions/ minute in China) Marketplace regrouping all European WeChat accounts to mutualize traffic from touristic attractions and luxury commerce. CHINA START RESULT: Met with Director of WeChat Pay at Tencent HQ in Shenzhen, China during China Start program. Establishing WeChat Pay terminals in European airports. First in Paris Airport! Your Company Name Presentation page

Student Testimonials “Changed my life; business-wise and personally. Now I need to learn Chinese! 100% satisfaction, truly a great program.” - Aki Soudunsaari, Naturvention, CEO, Finland “If you want to do business in China, attend China Start first. The CKGSB team have extraordinary access to the most powerful and influential leaders in China. The event was demanding, but packed with learning and commercial opportunities.” - Tony Craddock, Emerging Payments Association, Director General, UK “Thank you for inviting me on this program. It exceeded my expectations. I re- adjusted my thinking about China. Prof. Ji managed the program very well and we are looking forward to working with CKGSB in the future.” - Rudi Kruger, iNDEXInnovation, CEO, South Africa Your Company Name Presentation page

CKGSB Overview Your Company Name Presentation page

CKGSB Overview Your Company Name Presentation page

CKGSB Network More than 50% of CKGSB’s alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level and, together, their companies accounted for 1/6 of China’s GDP in 2014. 9,000+ 6,000+ EMBA 600+ MBA Chinese Executive 80% above VP-level 25% international Education >50% are CEOs & Presidents 1,500+ 100+ DBA English Executive 50% from firms with assets Education >$1.5Bn 10% on boards of MNCs CKGSB’s alumni group is recognized as one of the most exclusive in China, with a particular focus on the “top of the pyramid” Your Company Name Presentation page

CKGSB Selected Alumni Your Company Name Presentation page

Program Fee Start-up/growth company attendee pricing: £4,800 (€5,500) Investors, VC reps, institutions, banks, partners: £10,000 (€ 11,500) Cost EXCLUDES air travel, accommodation, transfer to Shenzhen and meals on Wednesday Roughly £1000 for extra costs, total program around £700 a day Your Company Name Presentation page

Reserve Your Place in the Future This is your chance to change your own game! Disrupt YOURSELF! Build a greater future with China Start! Sign up NOW! Email: [email protected] Contact: +44 (0)20 7766 8201 Your Company Name Presentation page

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